Rank และความสามารถ

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Rank และความสามารถ

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--- Rank --- --- Requirement --- --- Description ---

Human----------------0 Post-------------- The mere mortal humans of EN

EN Test Subject ---10 Post--------------Become ENs Test Subject
EN Activated--------50 Post -------------You are now activated
EN Prototype-------100 Post ------------You are now developing into a machine
EN Cyborg ----------200 Post ------------Part Human, Part Machine
EN Android----------300 Post ------------Full Machine but still appear human
EN Robot------------600 Post ------------Test Complete. You are now a Robot
EN Terminator------800 Post-------------Evil Robot Terminator of EN
EN Transformer----1000 Post------------Even stronger you can now transform as a a robot
EN Elite--------------1500 Post------------You are now a superior. The ultimate elite machine of EN.

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